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Bea Borges and Mark Olsen established Capicua Trading on 11/11/11.  The idea was born from a love of travel and adventure.  Bea had spent 15 years living in various countries, gaining an appreciation for different cultures and people.  Today Bea and Mark share this enthusiasm by traveling to new places whenever possible. Unique treasures that embody this international flavor were hand-picked from around the world, and are now available to you.

The word "Capicúa" means  
"Palindrome" in Spanish. Years back when bus tickets in Argentina were on a colorful roll of paper, people would try to get a ticket with a number that read the same forwards and backwards.  If you ever got this elusive "capicúa" ticket you would treasure it forever, and it would bring you good luck.  


Leather Backpack from India currently being sourced.

An '80s "Capicua" ticket from an Argentine bus.

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